Exits & Entrances

Happy New Year to all of you!

Collage obsession´s challenge for this week is doors. As it happened, photo art friday has entrances/ exits, as there theme. I spent a lot of time with this pic, (I´m new to photoshop), so I thought this fits the theme, too. If I´m not aloud to use one image in two challenges, please let me know.

I love the subject; a door can symbolize so many things. Here´s my door. I have to say I´m not so pleased with my work. I had a picture in my head and then…something happened. What do you think? Please, leave a comment!



16 thoughts on “Exits & Entrances

  1. Facing up to one’s fears Is sometimes very difficult..The comfort of the bright sparkly room would be hard to leave..yet the open door does look inviting..not such a fearfull place after all 🙂

  2. I think it’s simply magical! It’s full of possibility. I think I may have put something dark on the other side of the door…but the way you’ve done it…is less frightening. It leads me to think that it’s light and easy when you open the door.

    • Thanks annie! Yes, I see what you mean. When you look at your own work for a long time, you get blind to it. Happy new year!

    • Thank you Sabine! That´s really comforting! Maybe my word for this year should be FLOW?

  3. Your treatment of the image really makes it seem as if magic awaits beyond the door. Love the sparkle of the stars. Thank you for sharing your work with Photo Art Friday!

  4. This is magical. The cracked door adds a bit of mystery to what may lie beyond the door. The future is unknown and sometimes it’s taking that first step into the unknown that makes the biggest difference. I like this a lot.

    • Thank you Ida! Yes, and sometimes you just have to leave something you think is “safe” and take that step.

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