Photo Art Friday

This was supposed to be my  very first entry to Pixel Dust Foto Art Friday . But I missed it, timezones.. Anyway, this is what i wrote.

I was so lucky to find Foto Art Friday! It seems very interesting.

This week, we were asked to find a word for our year. I´ve never had that, but isn´t it just a great idea?

At this time of the year, many of us look back at the last year. Ours were not a especially good year. You know how it goes; first some problem occur, then another and another… The thing,that really turn my word upside down, was when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia last november. Suddenly nothing was the same anymore. I still feel very lost. That´s why I´ve promised myself some things:

– I will try to accept who I am, even with fibromyalgia

– I will try to listen to my body. Living with chronic pain is´nt easy

–  I will try to do something creative every week; a drawing, painting, mixed media, crafting, knitting, writing… Even if I write just one word a week, I´ll  be glad. Even if I´m in lot of pain, I can write one word. (This are my baby-steps to accepting my illness.)

And, finally, I get to my word; flow. I am very good at self – criticism (and new to photoshop). I´ve done many collages, and not publishing  them, because I´m not satisfied with the result. That´s not only criticism, it´s just plain stupid. All this should be fun! So, let´s have fun, and just go with the flow! May this year be a creative year, and, maybe, I´ll find my path. Or not. It´s not the point. Let the imagination roll, and just go with the flow!


4 thoughts on “Photo Art Friday

  1. I’m sorry you missed the time period in which to link up with Photo Art Friday. You story is touching and your selected word so appropriate. Love your image too.

    (I have no idea if this applies to your circumstance or if I am overstepping by mentionning them, but it could be worthwhile to read these two books which add to the information available about chronic pain:

    The Divided Mind, by Dr. John Sarno
    A New Earth, by Eckhart Tolle)

    Hope you will join us again at Photo Art Friday – I put up the inlinkz button today.

    • Thank you, dear Bonnie! I looked up those books, and I think I´m gonna buy them. Thanks for the tip!

  2. This is a wonderful post and just wanted to say, too, that I definitely understand. Your intentions are spectacular. Just focusing on What I CAN DO has been a hugely Life-altering attitude as I, too, live with a body which is marching to its own drum… Play, enJOY, discover, and Make BEautimous Mistakes!!! Mistakes are the absolute BEST results, especially with art.

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