Foto Art Friday

Ok, let´s try again… I just loved last weeks Foto Art Fridays challenge; the word of the year. I worked very long with my “project”, and chose the word flow. It turned out to be a very special post to me, and then I missed it! Timezones… But if you wan´t to take a look, and maybe leave a comment, it would mean a lot to me!

Anyway, back to this weeks challenge, which is my first. We had very many options; we could post any piece of photo-art, use Bonnies ricepaper texture, or use the words entrances/ exits. I chose to use the ricepaper texture, because I have worked very little with textures. I can also see the words here; the ocean can take you anywhere – and back. You can find all the amazing work of others here .



14 thoughts on “Foto Art Friday

  1. This is one beautiful piece. I like how the texture is visible, yet subtle.

    You chose the right option for this week. Entrances and exits is the optional theme for next week’s Photo Art Friday. Hope you will join us then, too!

    • Thanks, Bonnie! Then I worked with your beautiful texture right; that was what I wanted to achieve

  2. how could you miss to post due to time zones? You have several days to post. 🙂 And, you can still post it if you like. There is always the free option as I usually use. 🙂 Love that little beach.

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