Photo Art Friday; self – portrait

Hi dear readers!

Photo Art Friday´s challenge this week is self-portrait. This was a pretty difficult task for me, there´s a reason why I´m always behind the camera; I hate pictures of myself. Really hate it! And after I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, my thoughts of myself and the life I lived really changed. Well, here´s my self-portrait. For me, the different colors represent different feelings, thoughts…different parts of my life. Thanks, Bonnie!

Have a great weekend!


18 thoughts on “Photo Art Friday; self – portrait

  1. Marvellous work!!.. I love the colours you used or it ended up with and I think it is a great portrait – you don’t have to hate pictures of yourself 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing

    • I know I don´t have to hate them, but it´s something I have to process. Thank you, Mariane!

  2. Your self-portrait is captivating. I love how your eyes are looking up – something about that that is literally uplifting and encouraging. I appreciate your courage in taking on this challenge.

  3. Tack för din värmande kommentar!
    Du har verkligen tänkt till och skapat ett porträtt som inte bara är snyggt och kreativt – det finns också symbolik i det. Gillas! Jättemycket!
    Hoppas du har funnit ett sätt att hantera din fibromyalgi.

    • Tack Katarina! Det här med att hantera fibromyalgin kommer nog att ta en tid ännu… Ett steg åt gången 🙂

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