Photo Art Friday; lights and shadows

Hi dear readers!

This time Bonnie gave us a pretty interesting challenge; lights and/or shadows. I chose a macro of a hyacinth, and used Bonnies Blueness – texture ( I love it! ). This is how it turned out:


Bonnie also told us, that she´s going to put Photo Art Friday on a hiatus. I´ll miss you, Bonnie, but of course I understand you!  We all have different things going on in our life. I really want to thank the Photo Art – community; you have been so understanding and supporting!

Because of my fibromyalgia and other, really difficult things have been going on in my life. At times, I have felt depressed, hopeless, insecure…like life has left me behind. Then, suddenly, I got a phone-call, and everything changed! In a good way. I feel happy, happy, happy! And relieved, honored, glad, hopeful…did I mention happy ? 🙂 (I´ll write more about it later, if you´re interested )

Check out the others wonderful photo-art here

Take care out there!


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